Professional Development & Credentialing

Inspired by the green-building movement, the members of the CTGBC Education Committee coordinate, support and provide sustainable design and construction education to the community at large. The Education Committee facilitates achievement and maintenance of LEED credentials for LEED Accredited Professionals and provides other green-building educational opportunities to industry professionals and community members. By providing a network of professional members with various expertises across building sectors and specialties, the Education Committee aims to bring together like-minded people driven to learn more about the evolving green-building industry.

The committee is always looking for new and motivated volunteers to help develop new educational programs and learning opportunities that focus on LEED Certification, energy efficiency, water-use reduction, renewable energy solutions, material selections, and any of the countless sustainable design and construction strategies that are taking command of the building design industry. The committee co-chairs are Nick Jones and Sheri Dieso, supported by Executive Director James Albis.  Please contact them directly if you are interested in joining the committee, have a green-building educational idea or opportunity to share, or wish to volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you!


Green Professional Building Skills Training
What is GPRO? GPRO is a comprehensive green building training and certificate program. Developed by the trades for the trades, GPRO teaches the people who build, renovate, and maintain buildings the principles of sustainability combined with trade-specific green construction knowledge.

Contractors and subcontractors, building construction trades, and building operators and managers.

Qualify for LEED credit: Trained contractors, trades, building operators and service workers can qualify for a LEED point for New Construction and Existing Buildings projects under LEED Pilot Credit 81.

Jobs and Economy
Green building momentum is increasing, even through the recent recession. It's where the jobs are now, in both existing and new construction, and where jobs are continuing to grow.

Comprehensive Certificate Program
This learning system puts all the information about green building in one place. The material is relevant to what workers need to know in the field – it’s not about learning a checklist. The GPRO exam provides third-party verification that students have completed and understood the material.

Building and Construction Trades Lead the Way to Sustainability
Transitioning the building and construction industries to a sustainable future will reduce the carbon pollution of the U.S. while supporting economic recovery and creating many green jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Long-term Benefits
Better building construction and operations typically result in energy savings and improved building performance that translates into long-term benefits for ownership and occupants.

Flexibility in Course Delivery
Your delivery preferences can be accommodated and there is a flexible process in place for training instructors.

Customized Content 
Instructors focus on issues that are significant for your trade.

Course Offerings 
GPRO trade-specific courses fill the green gap between conventional and sustainable construction. All courses include the 4-hour prerequisite Fundamentals of Building Green that teaches the basics of sustainability and the essential strategies and work practices that make buildings green.

GPRO Certificate
After completing the course, candidates sit for a certificate exam (pencil on paper, 50 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes). A passing grade is 70%. Successful candidates receive a GPRO Certificate, wallet card, and either hardhat stickers or arm badges from the courses they passed.

How is GPRO Delivered? Local U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) chapters throughout the country are GPRO Delivery Partners who are authorized to sublicense to companies, unions, and other organizations in their region.

GPRO Materials
Each student enrolled in a GPRO course receives a detailed, sustainably printed manual. Certified instructors teach the courses using fully developed presentations and classroom exercises.

Continuing Education Credits
GBCI and AIA credits are available for all courses.
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