Home Energy-Saving Tips from Eversource

The average homeowner has a lot to juggle, from bills and maintenance to daily chores and family activities. This time of year can be even more stressful as we prepare for gift-giving, hosting family during the holiday season and keeping our homes warm and cozy as the temperatures drop. 


Connecticut residents shouldn’t have to worry about keeping their homes comfortable throughout the changing seasons. Save money this winter - without sacrificing comfort – by following these energy efficiency steps at home:


  1. LED string lights: LED string lights are a perfect alternative for holiday lighting since they use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent models. LEDs are also cooler to the touch, which reduces the risk of combustion or burnt fingers, and made from epoxy lenses instead of glass. This makes them sturdier and longer-lasting. In fact, a string of LED lights can still be used 40 holiday seasons from now!


  1. Heating system check-up: In order to make sure your system is ready for Winter 2019, schedule a service appointment to check filters, vents and ductwork. Regular HVAC check-ups ensure that your equipment is running as efficiently as possible and ready for the change in season.


  1. Weatherization: Once your heating system is prepped and ready to go, be careful of losing heat through cracks and gaps between joists and around pipes, windows, attics or door frames. Air sealing these problem areas or adding insulation will keep the warm air from escaping and the dropping temps at bay. Not a Do-It-Yourselfer? Sign up for Home Energy Solutions, where an Eversource-authorized contractor can make air sealing fixes on the spot and connect you to other solutions for home energy savings.


  1. ENERGY STAR® products: Are you replacing a dishwasher, refrigerator, washer or dryer? Before you hit the stores on Black Friday, look for the ENERGY STAR® logo. Energy-efficient appliances can help you save money and energy throughout the winter and beyond.


To learn more energy efficient ways to save at home, go to and the Energy Savings Plan page. This interactive planning tool is free and provides a detailed analysis of your energy usage, a customized savings plan for your home, and available incentives to help you better manage your energy consumption.

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